Brixlib Collage Art Exhibition London.

Soooo excited to be part of the Collagistes Collective, a group of contemporary collage artists exhibiting at Brixlib, Brixton Tate Library, London Exhibition is running until May 7th.. Curated by Tony Gohagan. My work is from The 27’s series, a collection of decollage work inspired by The 27’s (musicians who all died at the same age ..27) and old, ripped billboard flyers / me representing what has been and what could have been.. Old ripped posters on billboards are left blowing and disintegrating in the wind..a bit like the lives of the artists cut short. I love an old ripped poster on a  billboard.. It’s art in itself.. like the disintegrating hands of nature and time ….but leaving the remains of history….. a time gone by.. Lets try and hold on to it a bit longer, like a piece of old vintage wallpaper found under layers….

The two top pieces on the middle image below are some my exhibits. The first image is one of my prints from the Amy Winehouse series which are on sale at the gallery and soon to be at




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